About John Shapiro


I’m John Shapiro.

It is my honor, purpose and delight to guide groups and individuals out of stuck places… And into their higher potentials and deeper purposes. I feel such deep love, satisfaction and connection to myself and the folks that I work when my natural gifts and passions meet the natural gifts and passions of others. And we co-create the healing and health that is needed.

I have a wide, eclectic range of experience and education that inform my work. I’m a long term mindfulness meditation practitioner and have spent over a cumulative year in silent residential retreat. I’ve worked as a mediator in various capacities: community mediation, housing and small claims court mediation, and parenting time and child support couples mediation. I’m a long time music educator with a specialty of vocal expression and authentic performance. I’ve worked as a software engineer and a hospice volunteer. And I’ve facilitated and led a wide variety of groups, teams, classes, meetings, conferences & workshops. I employee a diverse set of modalities (see below) and have formal education in leadership, music, arts and early childhood education from Naropa University.

I look forward to serving you and our transformational co-creation that serves ourselves, each other, our groups and communities and our world.

With Love,

Some previous group clients include:
U.S. Forest Service
Continental Divide Trail Coalition
Harm Reduction Action Center
DHM Design Corporation
Various community groups

Some modalities and trainings I employee include:
2018: Matrix Comprehensive Training – Matrix Leadership Institute – Boulder, CO
2016: Police-Citizen Mediation Training – Oval Options – Denver, CO
2016: Family Constellations Facilitator Training – Private Training – Boulder, CO
2016: Right Use of Power Training – Right Use of Power – Boulder, CO
2016: Evolutionary Leadership Mastermind Training – MatrixWorks – Boulder, CO
2015: Restorative Justice Training – The Conflict Center – Denver, CO
2014: 40 Hour Mediation Training & Certification – Mares-Dixon & Associates – Westminster, CO
2014: Enlightened Feminine Leadership Training – MatrixWorks – Boulder, CO
2012: Social Justice Playback Theater Training – One Action, One Boulder – Boulder, CO
2011: Political Leadership Fellow – CPL – Denver, CO
2010: Restorative Activism Training – Open Path Trainings – Boulder, CO
2010: Alternatives to Violence Program Training – New Foundations – Denver, CO
2010: Authentic Leadership Program & Certification – Naropa University – Boulder, CO