About John Shapiro


I’m John Shapiro.

It is my honor, purpose and delight to guide groups and individuals out of stuck places… And into their higher potentials and deeper purposes. I feel such deep love, satisfaction and connection to myself and the folks that I work when my natural gifts and passions meet the natural gifts and passions of others. And we co-create the healing and health that is needed.

I have a wide, eclectic range of experience and education that inform my work. I’m a long term mindfulness meditation practitioner and have spent over a cumulative year in silent residential retreat. I’ve worked as a mediator in various capacities: community mediation, housing and small claims court mediation, and parenting time and child support couples mediation. I’m a long time music educator with a specialty of vocal expression and authentic performance. I’ve worked as a software engineer and a hospice volunteer. And I’ve facilitated and led a wide variety of groups, teams, classes, meetings, conferences & workshops. I employee a diverse set of modalities (see below) and have formal education in leadership, music, arts and early childhood education from Naropa University.

I look forward to serving you and our transformational co-creation that serves ourselves, each other, our groups and communities and our world.

With Love,

Some previous group clients include:
Connected Realities LLC
The Colorado Trust
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center
U.S. Forest Service
Continental Divide Trail Coalition
Harm Reduction Action Center
DHM Design Corporation
Various community groups

Some modalities and trainings I employee include:
2018: Matrix Comprehensive Training – Matrix Leadership Institute – Boulder, CO
2016: Police-Citizen Mediation Training – Oval Options – Denver, CO
2016: Family Constellations Facilitator Training – Private Training – Boulder, CO
2016: Right Use of Power Training – Right Use of Power – Boulder, CO
2016: Evolutionary Leadership Mastermind Training – MatrixWorks – Boulder, CO
2015: Restorative Justice Training – The Conflict Center – Denver, CO
2014: 40 Hour Mediation Training & Certification – Mares-Dixon & Associates – Westminster, CO
2014: Enlightened Feminine Leadership Training – MatrixWorks – Boulder, CO
2012: Social Justice Playback Theater Training – One Action, One Boulder – Boulder, CO
2011: Political Leadership Fellow – CPL – Denver, CO
2010: Restorative Activism Training – Open Path Trainings – Boulder, CO
2010: Alternatives to Violence Program Training – New Foundations – Denver, CO
2010: Authentic Leadership Program & Certification – Naropa University – Boulder, CO