Most of us have places in our lives where we feel deeply stuck, frustrated, unsure, unmet. And… We have big dreams, passions, excitement, wanting that we haven’t yet realized… We are not sure how to get there and how to get unstuck. Our blind spots feel like invisible weights, suppressing our ability to move forward and obscuring the pathway home. We want to change, to grow, to move into who we know we are, but we don’t know how or what to do. And it feels hard and unattainable.

This stuckness is normal, because big change is really, really hard.

Like pioneering a new wilderness, if we want to evolve into the next iteration of our being, we can certainly try to do it alone. But if we really want to proceed with the greatest chance of success and the least amount of harm, one big thing we’d likely do is hire a guide: to help us prepare, to collect the resources and tools we need and to aid in our navigation of the path.

Hi! I’m John Shapiro. It is my honor, purpose and delight to help guide you out of deep stuck places… Through your unique healing process… And onto the path of realizing your big dreams, passions and desires.

The intention of our work together is straightforward… to co-create impactful experiences that catalyze your healthy growth and evolution within our container of Love and Truth.

In our sessions, we co-create a container that allows for the underlying factors at play to emerge. We use our intuition to guide us into deeper connection and uncovering of what is hidden. We unearth impactful energetic experiences that catalyze the strong start of the change of patterns and resources that support you. We get to the real stuff… No pollyanna, BS, overpromising. This is practical magic that ignites the motivation for the authentic pathways forward… Which, like any big endeavor, almost always includes hard work, determination and Grace. But the difference is: Now you are ready and resourced to complete your journey.

Examples of areas that might resonate for you:

    • I’m stuck in my life.
    • I have a big dream but don’t know how to realize it.
    • I don’t feel satisfied in my job or in general.
    • I keep repeating the same patterns over and over again.
    • I want to do something meaningful in my life but I don’t know what or how.

We can work together on personal unsticking, professional unsticking or both. Personal coaching focuses on unsticking persistent patterns; so you can move forward with your deeper purpose and potential. Professional coaching focuses on uncovering and integrating your unique gifts and skills into the team; without this integration, you and your team suffer.


Sessions are variable length, usually 40-80 minutes depending on what we are working with and what is ready to move.

Payment is also variable, where you set the price based on what feels like stretch but not an over-extension. Your stretch price setting is actually a super important part of the process, as it helps lay the ground for your movement i.e. if you are really ready to catalyze your growth, your financial investment will reflect that. And if not, we will both know pretty quickly. I recommend intuiting your payment by checking in with a baseline $200 of a session. Ask yourself if this feels like too much, too little or just the right amount of stretch. If you need some guidance with that process, let me know. I accept fee-free forms of payment: cash, check, and non-credit card digital payment: Venmo, Paypal Friends & Family, Zelle and Square Cash.

Do you really feel you need a free first session? If that is what your intuition is telling you, we can do that too, and you can always pay after if you are feeling that. I don’t offer that by default because sometimes we only need to work together one time and you’ll get all the value you need out of that session. And I totally understand the desire to want to try before you buy. The short of it is: If you are feeling called, I want us to work together. Let’s get you “in the door” in whatever way works for you

To book an appointment, let some days and time ranges you are available (and if you are outside of MST time zone). I generally sessions Monday through Friday in the days and evenings, and can make some exceptions for the weekends. I do sessions through video chat and will send you the details and can arrange for an in person session if you prefer. However, it is critical that we can visually see each other. So phone only is not preferred. Please email, text or call with your availability and the amount you’d like to pay. And I will get you the rest of the details for your session.

I look forward to working with you!

With Love,

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